Newcastle Produce: Food Lover’s Paradise

You’ve been hearing a lot from Lynn lately, happily gallivanting about Spain for a month, but you haven’t heard much from me in a while. I founded Sacatomato five years ago with Jennifer Cliff and then welcomed Lynn as a co-blogger several years later. As fellow food fanatics, we’re always excited to talk about something […]

Getting My Strawberry Fix

I heart strawberries. Nay, I adore them. I can’t wait for the strawberry season to get here so I can eat as many as I want without feeling guilty. Guilty about how much they cost to buy locally and sustainably, that is. Because I was raised on a farm, where we had our own strawberries […]


Biodynamics is an agricultural method similar in many ways to organic farming. Both systems shun the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and focus on developing healthy farms through close observation of growing cycles. Many people recognize Biodynamics as the precursor to our modern organic farming methods. In fact, many wineries practice Biodynamic practices but […]

10 Ways To Green Your Life

Inspired by feedback and discussion, I’ve built upon my previous pondering list. If you are in the mood, it is a list worth reading! Review your Ride Drive less… Carpooling two days a week will reduce your annual C02 emissions. Get a bike and use it for short trips, and/or take the bus. Keep your […]