Second Annual Sacramento Beer Week

Please welcome guest writer John Schmidt, a new friend who I met at Whole Foods Market.  He is crazy about beer, an aficionado who is gearing up for the next several days of events.

Many of you who know me know the passion I have for keeping it local (meaning ‘close to home,’ not ‘lo-calorie’).  And for those of you who don’t, yes this is a passion.  That’s why I’m so excited for the Second Annual Sacramento Beer Week beginning tomorrow, February 24th through March 6th!  Last year’s Beer Week was successful beyond all expectations, so the bar is set high this year.

Sacramento Beer Week combines beer dinners and brunches, meet-the-brewer nights, special beer week-only tastings, and the first ever Capital Beerfest at Cal Expo. The Capital Beerfest is on Saturday, March 5th, and will feature 60+ brewers from across California and the world.  On other nights, Sacramento’s own local brewers will be highlighted, including Hoppy, Rubicon, Odonata, Brew It Up, Two Rivers Cider, Lockdown (Folsom), Sudwerk (Davis), and more.

All of Sactown’s beer hotspots will blow up this week too, including The Shack, Pangaea Cafe, Flaming Grill, DeVere’s, Tuli Bistro, Samuel Horne’s (Folsom), and many more.

The craft beer community in Sacramento is both proud of its accomplishments and very welcoming of new converts. Fewer people are drinking mass-produced stuff, and more people are choosing small, local, craft beer. Whether you are a seasoned lover of finer brews or just want to learn what all the fuss is about, pick an event and raise a glass with friends and neighbors!

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