Scottish Woman Meets Cheese in Barcelona


Traveling Europe in search of the best cheese for her then job, Katherine McLaughlin particularly liked Spain and it’s cheese. About ten years ago, she decided to open her own shop devoted to Spanish-only farmhouse cheeses. She stocks a number of goat, sheep and cow milk varieties, as well as local artisan olive oils, and wine to go with cheese tastings.
I stumbled upon “Formatgeria La Seu” in the “Time Out Barcelona” book I’d purchased for the trip. (Fantastic book for anyone going to Barcelona!)

The day I navigated my way through narrow streets to her shop, she was stocking after being closed in August. Although I wasn’t able to enjoy her taster plate of three cheeses and a glass of wine, we had a wonderful time chatting. It was very interesting to hear all about the start, growth and challenges of being a shop owner in Spain. She also marked the best restaurants and tapas bars in my book! So if you like cheese and plan to be in Barcelona, visiting Formatgeria La Seu is a must.

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