Sam Choy’s World-Famous Fried Marlin Poke

This is a bit untraditional in that the fish is briefly seared. You could leave it raw if you prefer, but you need the highest-quality fish available.
Serves 4
1 pound marlin fillets, cut into 1/4- to 3/4-inch cubes [note: you could try ahi or skipjack tuna as substitutes]
4 teaspoons soy sauce
1 cup chopped onion
4 teaspoons chopped green onions
1 cup chopped ogo seaweed (optional)
4 teaspoons sesame oil
4 tablespoons vegetable oil, for searing
Bean sprouts
Chopped cabbage
Salad greens
Ogo seaweed
Place fish cubes in a mixing bowl with the soy sauce, onions, seaweed, and sesame oil. Mix well.
In a wok, heat the vegetable oil on high heat. Sear the fish mixture while tossing. Don’t cook for more than a minute or two, as you want the center raw.
Serve with the garnishes.

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