Quest For a Meal in Granada

The Alhambra at Sunset

In our quest for appetizing authentic food, we avoid establishments with pictures of dishes pasted around the entrance or with plastic menus.  We’ve come to understand authentic doesn’t necessarily mean worthy; it’s a catch phrase.  Throw in reasonably priced and it can be a chore to find that meal.  We did find a few gems in Granada however, along with Tinto de Verano. 

An afternoon of exploring, walking up and down hilly streets including to The Alhambra and back, and sweating the entire time in the warm humid weather ended with yet another climb.  This time to the top of the El Albayzin district to watch the sunset with a view of The Alhambra.  I was ecstatic to find a smoothie cocktail hut at the top, of all things.  The “Especiale Dieteticos”– apple and berry smoothie– quenched our dried throats followed by sangria which whet our appetites (and made me forget about the heat).  Heading to this area is a must if visiting Granada.

El Albayzin District

Next we discovered our new favorite summer refresher.  Tinto de Verana (literally “red wine of summer”) is a light spritzy wine drink served during summer.  It’s basically a non-sweetened sangria served over ice.  Mix red wine with sparkling water, add just a little lemon juice and garnish with a lemon slice if desired.

The food in Granada was fairly average overall, given our meal rules.  A highlight was at Meson La Cueve, a tapas bar restaurant specializing in cured meats.  The broad beans in Habitas con Jamon  were similar to fava bean texture and taste but smaller and darker.  They were cooked with Iberican ham then large, lardon like pieces were mixed into the dish.  It was topped with an egg fried in olive oil.  While this may sound fairly plain, the taste made an indelible mark, like seeing The Alhambra for the first time.

Habitas con Jamon

Maybe it was the setting, smells, other added seasonings that the cook didn’t share (or I didn’t catch with my limited Spanish).  Who knows what made this stand out but I do know I’ll be making it once home while drinking Tinto Verano.

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