Port Wine + Cherries = Mustard

Message from husband: “Can you make some mustard for me?  Any kind will do but something out of the ordinary is better.  Oh, add some kick too please”.

I made something different.

The very first mustard I made required cooking the mixture down.  I’ve since opted for less time consuming versions like this easy one from America’s Test Kitchen or this from Sacramento based forager Hank Shaw.

Call it a coincidence- my mail opened to a note from Creative-Culinary, a recently discovered mustard lover sharing recently concocted mustard.  And perhaps serendipitous I had an open bottle of port and cherries begging to be used.

Mustard is one of those things, you either love it or not.  The hubby devoured a quarter pint of this in one sitting.  I could hardly blame him.  The port and cherries gave it slight sweetness; the brown mustard seeds gave it that requested kick.

This mustard will work nicely with Easy Mustard Crusted Fish Fillets from Jeanne at Cooksister.

Cherries are still hanging around here and there in northern California.  Although I prefer using fresh cherries, frozen will work too.

Port wine and cherry mustard is great with crackers, crudités or meats!


For the complete recipe, head on over to Creative-Culinary.

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