A Donut for the Ambivalent


Rumor on the street is donuts are back.  How unexpected stumbling upon a Times Magazine article indicating such.  And I, one who doesn’t like donuts happened to try a very worthy gluten-free donut earlier this week.

I was approached by the frozen food buyer, Jose at Whole Foods Market in Sacramento.  His extended hand holding a plate of warmed cake donuts.  “Would you like to try one?  It’s gluten-free.”  Hesitation then curiosity, I broke one in half.

He and another woman partook with me.  “Not bad,” they both said simultaneously.  I agreed, wholeheartedly.  What are these, where did they come from and who made them?

Dusted with just enough cinnamon sugar to be intriguing, these donuts beg for another bite.  They cause a double-take, wonderment.  Surprisingly moist, I didn’t need a gallon of milk to get the bite down.  These are not like other cardboardy gluten-free bread items tried that sit in your gut like the mud pie I ate when a kid.  They’d be an invited partner with coffee or tea, especially warmed up, as Jose presented them.

Hats off to Kinnikinnick Foods out of Edmond, Canada.  No the company didn’t pay me, nor did I get a free box to sample.  Just a never tasted so good bite at the store.

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