Gluten Free and Good!

The Azna Gluten Free Bakery
Brainchild of Dawna Destafeno after she discovered she had Celiac Disease, Azna Gluten Free was born out of necessity. Actually, it was due to her son (who she was pregnant with when she discovered she had Celiac), not being able to enjoy birthday celebration desserts at school.
My favorite item is her cinnamon roll.

They are soft and cinnamony with a not too sweet, vegan cream cheese icing. The dough, slightly chewy, not dry or heavy, has a certain umami character. I’ve turned many people onto them who don’t know they’re wheat and gluten free. It doesn’t matter… anyone can enjoy these treats regardless…
The Baby Bite Cinnamon Roll was born out of a necessity to have samples. They have a light vanilla glaze versus cream cheese icing. Other items Dawna makes include a variety of scones, waffles, muffins, brownies (another favorite),
breads, cakes and cookies. All items are hand made and packaged in her little Cameron Park bakery. Dawna recently added a variety of sandwiches and other gluten-free lunch items to the menu. She would like to expand and receives requests for her products across the country. If you know of anyone interested in investing in Azna Gluten Free, give her a call!
Locally, you can find Azna products in Midtown at Gluten Free Specialty, 2612 J Street. Whole Foods Market on Arden Way also carries them in the Gluten Free freezer section. Here are more locations that carry her product.
For contact and other information, visit Azna’s website. If you try them, we’d love to hear back from you so leave a comment!

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