Scenes to Remember

Food  and travel adventures during 2011 were astounding.  I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of this delivery scooter, complete with an insultated unit for pig parts.

Then there was waking up to a memorable sunrise on the Mediterranean.

Good morning from Altea, Spain

People talk about sunsets mostly and while I relish a good one, there’s just something about the wee hours of the morning.  I thank my dad for being a morning person.

But I rallied for this one and adapted to Spanish timing for a late night snack at a tapas bar.  One of those family run, small places off on a side street, I ended up chatting with the proprietor in my broken Spanish into the wee hours of the morning.  He brought this out for an early breakfast.

A 16th-century Moorish floor mosaic at the Museo de Santa Cruz in Toledo, Spain was breathtaking.  About 10 feet in diameter, each piece was meticulously laid.  A close up look was both extraordinary and humbling.

This tapa, poached egg on toast with truffle paste and chives was enjoyed with a glass of cava at Juana la Loca in the La Latina area of Madrid.  Result- major food moment with several ummms. I recommend it for anyone wanting innovative tapas with an international flair.  They have a good selection of wines by the glass too.

Sardines, need I say more?!  Wish I could have brought this home.

Look forward to, and wishing everyone an action packed and adventurous 2012.  Oh, and remember, don’t mess with the Italian police!

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