The Art of Dumpster Diving

I was a junior in college.  Taking a full load, working, and trying to make time for exercise and a boy friend.  That was just as hard as trying to make ends meet.  I was on my own, I was paying for school but one thing I wasn’t paying for was certain food.  Yes, I’m guilty, I was a dumpster diver. 

It’s more common than one may think.  While scouting around The Perennial Plate I couldn’t help stopping when I saw those two words. They make me chuckle but also give pause for thought.

The first time I dove I was amazed at all the perfectly good food in the dumpster.  I remember being stunned, having a wow moment, disbelief. Then it hit me two ways: free food! and what a sad waste.  The good thing was the food was all wrapped.  Any sandwiches or bread left over each day from the cafe where I dove were thrown in the trash.

While many grocers and other miscellaneous food stores give to food banks, etc., there are many who don’t.  This short video from Daniel Klein and his video series The Perennial Plate shares one story.

For additional adventurous eating footage go to The Perennial Plate.

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