Term of the Week: Jujube

Little did I know the jujube fruit, also called red date or Chinese date is highly desired by several Asian cultures.  The Chinese have long used jujubes to treat anxiety and insomnia.  They also invigorate the digestive system and are used to make restorative tea.  Who would know this little drupe (the technical name) could […]

Term of the Week: Gluten Intolerance

I’ve been wondering lately about gluten intolerance. It seems like everyone is selling gluten-free products these days. So I did a little research to learn more about what gluten intolerance means and whether there really are more people out there who need gluten-free products. This is what I learned: Some people have a wheat allergy, […]

Cackleberries – Term of the Week

“There’s nothing like cackleberries on a fine-morning like this!” I turned to Jim, an inquisitive look on my face. Sitting in the kitchen with the in-laws recently, I felt groggy from the additional glass of wine consumed but I knew I heard him say cackleberry.  What the heck is a cackleberry? The first time Jim […]

Term of the Week: Fig Wasp

I have a friend who refuses to eat figs because she’s heard of fig wasps. And I’ve also heard that some vegans count figs out because of the little pollinators. But I find it fascinating that figs and their wasps have such a symbiotic relationship. It seems that figs are pollinated by little wasps that […]

Tsukemono – Term of the Week

Japanese don’t often eat salads. Instead, Tsukemono, a pickle of some sort, is a common noon meal served with a bowl of rice.

Term of the Week: Plymouth Barred Rock

Who you callin’ chicken? It’s a Plymouth Barred Rock chicken, that’s who. I recently went to a great outdoor seminar at Soil Born Farms (3000 Hurley Way) on “Backyard Chicken Husbandry.” Does it sound like a matchmaking class? Perhaps. I’m hoping to make a match between my backyard and some egg-laying hens very soon. The […]

Term of the Week: Ableskiver

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my love of vintage cookbooks. They’re great for researching old recipes and finding out about oddball things like abelskivers. See, I got an ableskiver pan for my birthday and luckily my mother-in-law knew what it was on sight (she’s of Danish ancestry). Not knowing how to pronounce it […]

Term of the Week: Salad Burnet

Take a whiff- the smell is familiar.  Nibble on a leaf-  yum, you think of cucumbers.  Salad, or Garden Burnet is a green you must try, especially if you like the subtle smell and taste of cucumbers. A perennial herb that can grow to 2 plus feet, it’s an unusual addition to your salad, not […]

Term of the Week: Food Scold

Am I a bad mother for letting my daughter cover herself in soft-serve chocolate ice cream? It surely wasn’t organic. But I figured that when you’re at the state fair, you might as well enjoy what’s there (within reason; we didn’t get the chocolate-covered bacon. Yet.). So this morning I read about the term “food […]

Term of the Week: Gigantes

Photo by dailyfood Just what are Gigantes anyway? a)     The name of a game. b)    A cooking technique. c)     A large, prehistoric animal. d)    A type of bean. If you chose “d”, you are correct.  There is discussion surrounding this bean variety.  They have a several names depending on who you are talking to including […]

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