Fig-a-licious Tart and a Guest Post with Chef Dennis on A Culinary Journey

Today I’m sharing a tart creation- kind of savory and kind of sweet- in a guest post over on Chef Dennis’ blog, A Culinary Journey.  Can’t recall how I discovered him but have thoroughly enjoyed his humor, ideas and creativity.  He, and a few other people I’ve gotten to know this year have rubbed off […]

Fig Muffins, Gluten Free

The minute the word gluten free is mentioned, many people walk away thinking heavy and tasteless.  That’s not the case with these muffins!  Figs, with their light, honey-like sweetness meld with other ingredients giving you a sweet savory experience.  They’re my inaugural project for Twelve Loaves. I met Jamie from Life’s A Feast last fall.  […]

Cauliflower Steaks and Tantalizing Tapenade

There are times when a piece of grilled seafood or meat sounds appetizing.  Then there are times when I crave vegetables with smoky goodness.  Last night was one of them so we pulled out the grill and made steaks.  It’s a good thing we did this yesterday because the outside heat may make me melt […]

In a Jam For BBQ

I walked in the kitchen, groggy from reading late into the night.  Greeted by peaches and mangos, they end up in a bowl together.  A squeeze of lime juice, sprinkling of granola, and spoonful of vanilla yogurt.  I have a taste.  Wow!  The combo’s a sensation of flavors.  My now un-clogged brain is thinking jam. I love […]

Cherry Adventures

Cherries are abundant now.  As with many seasonal fruits, I get them while I can, process, and enjoy in various forms throughout the year.  These brandied cherries, a recent kitchen adventure are something special. Don’t think florescent red maraschino with artificial food coloring.   These are home made gems.  One could argue they’re better than say […]

Getting Ready for Salsa

Chiles were abundant in my garden last year- pasilla, long green, japona, piquillo and Hatch.  I’m particularly enamored with the Hatch, a slender, medium green pepper that can be mild or hot.  So much so it’s in the ground again this year.  Planning ahead now for salsa and fire roasted preserved chilies. Hatch, New Mexico, […]

Roasted Beets and Feta

Roasted beets aren’t anything new.  They proudly made hands red and puckered faces for the longest time then their cousins showed up and stole the show.  Along came the golden one and not far behind, the heirloom Chioggia.  These two made an impression but there’s just something about the rich garnet color of the workhorse; […]

Baby Artichokes, Preserved

On a recent sunny morning after three hours of clamming in Bodega Bay, I partook in a sampling of preserved foods with ten other folks.  Sweet, funky, sour and savory flavors filled that morning with a periodic wave of salty mist.  The standout jar (for me) was filled with preserved baby artichokes. We’ve all probably […]

Breakfast Radish, Not Just For Breakfast

As a kid, we always had a garden. My dad cleverly utilized all available yard, planting things about and in between.  The thing I do now, which he didn’t, is garden year around.  Another thing he didn’t do is make pesto with radish greens. February was the start of my late-winter garden.  What didn’t happen […]

Padrón, The Frying Pepper

I first experienced Padrón peppers on a trip to Spain two years ago.  Glancing at a just delivered plate that sizzled and glistened, our waiter asked what was next.  “We’ll have that.” I said in my broken Spanish. I fell in love with the Padrón all over again on my recent trip.  Named after Padrón, […]

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