The Scent of A City

I met Maryellen Burns over a year ago.  Our meetings and conversations became frequent as we discovered our common interest in food.  Not to mention her extensive Sacramento area food history knowledge (she can paint pictures that take you back to what it was like and make you smile), she’s a lively character, great cook […]

Chicken-Pear Calzones

Calzones are essentially a larger version of empanadas, which are little meat pies made all over South America and the Caribbean.  You’ll often find them made there with beef and onions, olives, or peppers.  The Argentineans like to add fruit like pears and peaches, though, and I like the idea of a fruit and poultry […]

The Traveling Tajine Project: Take Two

I wrote previously about this neat project, where a different person gets a cooking tajine for each month this year (thanks Garrett!). We just have to cook with it and write about our experiences. So last time, I made a basic Chicken Tajine for the Oven. This time around, I wanted to adapt a lamb […]

Using the Harvest: Cod Couscous and Onion T’faya with Persimmons

Persimmons… I truly love them (see Amagaki post earlier in November). The stacks are dwindling at stores. I noticed Amagakis are no more at Whole Foods Market in Sacramento. So I picked up the workhorse, a Fuyu, and decided to incorporate it into a recipe I’d been wanting to try. Let’s go to Morocco, where […]

Sardines Go Mainstream

Sardines… They were never anywhere near the top, let alone middle of my list of food items to enjoy. Just the word sardine would ring negatively in my ears. I had them in the pickled herring category, which is on the verge of un-edible. Slimy, oily, fishy and not happening! A friend recently shared she […]