Cucina Povera, an Old World Workshop

Along with eleven others and four instructors, I recently attended a Plate 2 Page workshop in the small town of Pistoia, Italy.  We indulged in food, wine, conversation, writing and photography.  The following shares an afternoon experience. ——- Nestled in the Tuscan hills surrounded by olives and vines, colors changing from green to fall, we […]

Hiking in Altea

Some people think about visiting Paris.  I, on the other hand, think about things like eating at Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago, drinking a glass of Chateau Yquem, or hiking along the Spanish coastal mountains.  I opted for pizza, vino tinto and breathtaking scenery earlier last week on the Costa Blanca. Altea is a coastal town […]

Quest For a Meal in Granada

In our quest for appetizing authentic food, we avoid establishments with pictures of dishes pasted around the entrance or with plastic menus.  We’ve come to understand authentic doesn’t necessarily mean worthy; it’s a catch phrase.  Throw in reasonably priced and it can be a chore to find that meal.  We did find a few gems […]

Food and Memory- Marguerite´s

Maryellen Burns shares childhood food memories from Sacramento, California.  Not being a native, it´s fascinating to hear about places that have since disappeared.  Thanks Maryellen! For Marcel Proust it was a crumb of Madeline cake dipped in tea that awakened a whole chain of memories.  For Ruth Reichel, it was the comfort of apples.  For […]

Newcastle Produce: Food Lover’s Paradise

You’ve been hearing a lot from Lynn lately, happily gallivanting about Spain for a month, but you haven’t heard much from me in a while. I founded Sacatomato five years ago with Jennifer Cliff and then welcomed Lynn as a co-blogger several years later. As fellow food fanatics, we’re always excited to talk about something […]

Pizza in an Italian Village

There exists an Italian village on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Complete with stone villas, cypress trees, vistas of hills and starlit skies, the aromas of Italian home cooking waft through the streets, all at 71 W. Monroe Street in Chicago.  And it’s called, appropriately enough The Italian Village. Chicago’s oldest Italian restaurant established in […]

Sushi at Oto’s, The Ray Yamamoto Way

Ray Yamamoto isn’t a celebrity chef, nor does he own a restaurant.  As a child he dreamed of learning to cook French food and becoming a chef.  While his parents, second generation Japanese Americans who moved back to Japan after the war wanted him to go to college, Ray had the cooking bug. “It’s very […]

The Albion Opens Up

The Albion Open, an annual invitational fishing tournament was held the last weekend of July in Albion, California.  My friend Tote who participated this year, shared a few details below, along with great photos.  Being an ocean loving adventurer who’s had scary encounters, I could only imagine his situation. Look close at the picture above.  […]

Abalone on the North Coast of California

I recently enjoyed a coastal weekend north of Bodega Bay with great friends.  Not just any friends but ones who are as crazy as me about food and wine.  One happened to be a diver, wild about foraging for shellfish of the mollusk variety, thus the star of the weekend was abalone. Saturday morning came […]

An Evening with the Chef and the Sommelier

Chef Pajo Bruich and Sommelier Anani Lawson are in Sacramento once again for an experiential and delicious evening.  Part II of Epicure & Discoveries in Wine is Saturday, July 24th at 6:00 p.m. As Pajo says, it will be an evening of emotions and tastes, both familiar and uncommon.  Your cultural expectations of food and […]

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