Newcastle Produce: Food Lover’s Paradise

You’ve been hearing a lot from Lynn lately, happily gallivanting about Spain for a month, but you haven’t heard much from me in a while. I founded Sacatomato five years ago with Jennifer Cliff and then welcomed Lynn as a co-blogger several years later. As fellow food fanatics, we’re always excited to talk about something […]

An Oil that Deserves Olive Your Love

When my friend Laura Martin told me about a locally produced olive oil she recently tasted and wrote about, I took note.  Please welcome her as a guest author. Laurie Schuler-Flynn strongly urges that you take that precious bottle of fancy olive oil out of your cupboard and use it. Now. And you should listen […]

Stubborn Brats Taste Good

Sacramento has some new brats, courtesy of Testa Duro Salumi. Made by chef Jason Azevedo, these sausages really stand out for their authentic flavor and texture. My husband grew up eating German bratwurst and he loved the fine texture and flavoring. Testa Duro brats are flavored with ginger and nutmeg, instead of allspice, which many […]

All Wine Roads Don’t Lead to France

I met Claiborne Thompson in the early 90’s while on a wine exploration trip through the Edna Valley on the central coast of California.  Previously a tenured professor and Scandinavian Studies department chair at the University of Michigan, he and his wife and fellow professor Frederika Churchill stumbled on the winery scene in 1981, got […]

The Bicycle Bakery, a Vegan Alternative for Everyone

Gluten-free Vegan Cranberry Oatmeal Bars.  Yum.  I double-checked the ingredient list because these were almost too good of an afternoon snack to be taken seriously.  Yep, they were in fact all they said. It was a bite of the Chocolate Brownie Cake with Cacao Frosting that did me in.  I brought one home for the […]

Modern Gastronomy with Pajo Bruich

A self-taught cook, private chef and owner of Pajo’s Catering based in Lincoln, California, Pajo (pronounced pie-yo) Bruich is connected to food in a molecular way.  His repertoire includes hydrocolloids to modified food starches, and maltodextrin to liquid nitrogen.  He uses amazing quality ingredients to produce modern food with textural variations and flavor bursts that […]

Scottish Woman Meets Cheese in Barcelona

Traveling Europe in search of the best cheese for her then job, Katherine McLaughlin particularly liked Spain and it’s cheese. About ten years ago, she decided to open her own shop devoted to Spanish-only farmhouse cheeses. She stocks a number of goat, sheep and cow milk varieties, as well as local artisan olive oils, and […]

Piquillo Peppers in Action

Where was I today? Driving down the street in Haro (pronounced ah-row), a small hub town in the northern La Rioja wine region. It was about 4:00 p.m. I look to my left and say to my husband, “Stop! Pull over, quick!” I jump out and walk over to an open garage. In it are […]

What the G.O.A.T?

Those of us who live in Northern California are lucky, especially if you are interested in quality food. We have easy access to so many wonderful artisan food producers and growers. CSA (Consumer Sponsored Agriculture) box choices are aplenty, fresh and seasonal at your fingertips, and passionate people with visions scattered about. Three women are […]

Have You Tried?: Lemon Grass Kitchen Sauces

What: Mai Pham, chef of Lemon Grass restaurant and local cookbook author, has just released three Lemon Grass Kitchen sauces in a jar. There are two Thai versions: Green Curry and Yellow Curry, and a Vietnamese version: Lemongrass Ginger. They’re all 8-ounce jars that make 6 servings using the recipe on each label. Why: I […]

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