Cackleberries – Term of the Week

“There’s nothing like cackleberries on a fine-morning like this!” I turned to Jim, an inquisitive look on my face.

Sitting in the kitchen with the in-laws recently, I felt groggy from the additional glass of wine consumed but I knew I heard him say cackleberry.  What the heck is a cackleberry?

The first time Jim heard the term, he was having breakfast at an army summer reserve camp in the 50’s.  A fellow comrade ordered two cackleberries over easy.  He’d never heard the term before, asked, and was told they come from Dominikers.  Turns out a cackleberry is another way to refer to a hen’s egg.  Hen’s ‘cackle’ when they lay an egg thus his friend referred to them as such.  Dominikers are considered America’s oldest hen bread, brought here from the UK during colonial times.

Jim went on to share more.  “The guy was from way out in the country where they didn’t have much, including TVs.  He taught me quite a few interesting terms including another way to refer to an egg: bum nut.”

If you’ve got spare time to kill, visit a cackleberry farm, a cackleberry garden center, eat at one of several restaurants around the country called Cackleberries, play the cackleberry video game, or become a fan of cackleberries on Facebook.  But my favorite way to bring cackleberries into my life would be purchasing a few Dominiker hens to have fresh cackleberries daily and have backyard chickens, which is currently illegal.  Come on Sacramento, get with the picture!

If you’re interested in helping make this a reality, visit CLUCK, the Campaign to Legalize Urban Chicken Keeping, a subsidiary campaign of EAT Sacramento.  While a hearing was scheduled for October 5th to discuss the drafting of an ordinance to allow egg-laying chickens in the city, it was sadly delayed to another not yet determined day.

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