Baby Artichokes, Preserved

On a recent sunny morning after three hours of clamming in Bodega Bay, I partook in a sampling of preserved foods with ten other folks.  Sweet, funky, sour and savory flavors filled that morning with a periodic wave of salty mist.  The standout jar (for me) was filled with preserved baby artichokes.

We’ve all probably had a marinated artichoke at some point.  Most end up being so-so- that’s my experience.  You’d buy another bottle but nothing to write home about.

Preserving food yourself is a different ball game.  Some items take time but once you get the hang of it, you get faster.  And once you taste your finished product, it’s hard to go back to store bought.  These preserved baby artichokes fall into that category.

I do want to mention the pickled black walnuts and the lacto-fermented (meaning no vinegar used) carrots enjoyed that morning. They’re on my list to make too.

All items were courtesy of Hank Shaw.  If you’re lucky enough to go on one of his clamming or foraging trips, keep your fingers crossed- he may bring a display of preserved foods.

You’ve got a bit more time to snatch these babies up and give it a whirl.  Your artichoke loving friends will love you too when you start an evening with these preserved little beauties.

I used Hank’s recipe on without any tweaks.  A pressure canner is usually required for preserving most vegetables but his recipe used the water bath method.  Suited me fine as I don’t have a pressure canner.  They last for up to one year but will never make it that long in my house.

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