Andrae’s Bakery Celebrates Ten Years

From Thursday through Sunday, July 8th through 11th, Andrae’s Bakery in Amador City, CA will celebrate ten years.  This bakery and mini gourmet food store is a foodie haven amongst the rolling hills and vineyards of the Sierra foothills, in the heart of the gold country.  Matt, the baker, and wife Kimberly opened with bread in mind and bake plenty of it with their hearth brick oven from France.  One bite of the Blue Cheese Walnut Bread and you’ll end up buying a loaf to take home.  They also carry a small selection of specialty cheese, charcuterie, vinegar, oil, local wine, jam and tea, to name a few.  Tempt yourself with pastries, tarts, cookies and select cakes featuring their most popular Basque Cake, a pound cake with pastry creme baked inside and topped with walnuts.  And if coffee is your pleasure you can partake in an espresso drink.  I’ll bet a cappuccino would be heavenly with a piece of Basque Cake or one of their Chocolate, Hazelnut and Cacao Bean cookies.

For lunch choose from a variety of grab and go sandwiches, quiche, a daily pizza or two and whatever else they may have up their sleeve that day.  They’ll also make you a sandwich to order.  Seating is limited but I’ve always found a spot right in front on the porch.  Definitely a haven worth the visit and a marvelous respite from wine tasting.

The celebration includes a store wide sale, Friday evening specials and beer tasting to coincide with Amador City’s Wine, Art & Music Social, and extra savings on bread and pastries on Sunday.

Hours: Thursday 7-3, Friday 6-4, Saturday 7-4, Sunday 7-3

Location: 14141 Highway 49, Amador City, CA 95601 (209) 267-1352

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