Asian Grilled Tofu

Sometimes I challenge myself to come up with dinners using only food in the house.  Such was the case last night when I didn’t feel like going out after arriving home from a four-day trip.  Having a winter into spring garden helps, as does a semi-stocked pantry.  The resulting Asian flavored tofu and vegetable dish […]

Irish Quick Bread

A few weeks ago, I won an Irish-inspired recipe contest with my vegetarian Cottage Garden Pie. I ended up with a gorgeous cookbook, the James Beard Award-winner The Country Cooking of Ireland and about 8 pounds of Kerrygold cheese and butter! To thank Amber, who ran the contest on her blog, I invited her and […]

The Extraordinary Egg

Comfort foods are wonderful things.  They soothe you, make you feel good, bring you back down to earth.  My comfort food is the egg, mostly scrambled.  Truly an amazing food. Take a look at language and the egg.  You can be an egg-head, a good egg, a bad egg, have egg on your face, be […]

Using the Harvest: Radishes, Pickle or Not

Why radishes?  Well they grow well during cooler winter months in northern California.  They’re something I’ve never grown or eaten much.  I’ve heard they’re a good vegetable to pickle and this has been a pickling exploration winter for me so why not explore the radish. This spicy little root vegetable, somewhat like horseradish but different […]