Eat, Drink, and Be Learned

Grab your antihistamines and clear your palate. There are several culinary events coming up in the near future that you may want to schedule (if you aren’t sneezing every two minutes): Old Soul Friday Night BBQs Starting tonight, Old Soul at the Weatherstone (812 21st btw. H and I) is holding the “first of many” […]

Udupi Cafe: South Indian Vegetarian

It’s not enough anymore to say you’re having “Indian” for dinner, just as you can’t just eat “American” food or “Mexican.” You’ve got to know whether the cuisine you’re trying is from the south, a particular state, or by the ocean. If you went to Maine, you wouldn’t expect hush puppies and if you go […]

Grocery Store Love

I love grocery stores. Not just for the food, but for the possibilities. Everywhere I go, I love to visit grocery stores, and have–from Sri Lanka to Kauai to Costa Rica. It’s a bit food geeky of me, but there’s no better way to gauge a community than by its markets. And there are so […]

We’re Back and Snackin’!

Well, I’ve finally emerged from the scary wilds of the digital purgatory that I was in for two weeks. And many thanks to Elise for her help in rescuing me! But, of course, I didn’t stop eating or spending much of my waking time thinking about all things food, so I have a couple of […]

An Urban Farm Paradise

I’ve been aware of Soil Born Farms for some time now as an organic urban oasis (on Hurley near Watt), but I just learned recently about the biodynamic farm at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks. Biodynamics may be new to you, but it’s a long-standing agricultural practice from Europe that predates the modern organic […]